Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wayanad Bike Trip

Finally at this peek of summer I did my longest bike trip - to Wayand from Bangalore, about 300+ KMs. There was a plan for a trip in car with my friends which got cancelled at the last minute so I thought why not go alone in Bike. This is my second visit, read about the first visit here. Friday around 10.30 I started from Bangalore, took occational stops and reached wayand by 6 in the evening. Stayed at my friend's place and returned on Sunday. The solo drive through Muthanga wildelife sanctuary in Bullet was unforgettable. The roads were excellent - clean and empty with frequent curves which made the bike ride really joyful. Bangalore-Mysoore highway ride was tiring as it was very hot.

Muthanga is known to people from Kerala more for the police firing incident happened in 2003. I took a stop for a cup of tea at Muthanga after crossing the Kerala border and asked the him about the incident. He told me it was the result of a political drama where one party encouraged the Adivasis to occupy reserved forest land and then the government had to forcefully remove them. Anyway that was a real bad chapter in the history of Muthanga.

Not much photos this time, everywhere it was dry and hot. The forest was better though. I was little scared to stop inside the forest, I saw many deers and a bear too. Hera are few photos.
Driving through Muthanga Forest, view from cockpit

Pulpally Forest

Muthanga Forest

Wayand Cricket Stadium

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