Monday, December 31, 2012

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Mysoore, Ooty & Connor

Had a wonderful drive to Ooty via Mysoore during the Diwali long weekend, Last Diwali it was Mumbai trip. From ooty we drove to "Connoor" 15km away from Ooty & stayed there. Connoor is also a hilly area similar to ooty but neater and less crowded compared to Ooty.

Got so many good photos, here are few.

St. Philomena's Church & Famous Tipu's Palace in Mysoore

On the way to Ooty early morning from Mysoore. We went via the wonderful Bandipur forest, but didn't stop anywhere to take photos.

The famous 36 Hair pins road to reach Ooty. Can use only 1st or 2nd gear for climbing down, it was that steep.

Botanical Garden,Ooty                      Identically constructed houses in Ooty

Towards Lamb's rock, Connoor. This is near thick forest area which happened to be a famous film shooting location also.

Sim's park Connor              

Near Dolphin Nose, Connoor   

Thursday, October 25, 2012


These are our neighbors in Electronics City, one of the largest tech-parks in India. While Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India, EC is the Silicon Valley of Bangalore. Divided into three phases, EC hosts so many IT, electronics & electrical companies in and around its area. While India's largest IT companies like Infosys, Wipro (our neighour & my previous company too) & HCL has their offices in Phase I, the Ranked one TCS is located in Phase II. Other MNCs like Bosch, Siemens, HP, Audi, Cisco etc are also present in EC.

Not so crowded place, EC is slowly becoming a residential area too, as people started preferring staying near their office and avoid Bangalore city traffic. The 10km long Elevated Tollway(BETL) made the travelling time to Bangalore city from EC just under 10 mins (see my post). And the best road in Bangalore, the NICE road is also less than a km away from EC. With the next phase of Bangalore metro is reaching EC, it will become one of the nice place to live & work in Bangalore.

Wipro S1 & S2 tower

 View from our balcony at 12th floor. The apartment in the picture is Ajmera Infinity

Me & my friends on NICE road, near EC.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Visited Coorg this long weekend, monday being holiday due to Eid-ul-Fitr. We started from Bangalore on Sunday morning and reached back on monday evening, its about 260KM from Bangalore. We went via Mysoore but didn't spend time in visiting the famous palaces there, I have seen them many times before. The drive was very good as the roads were very nice & almost empty after Mysoore. We could see tobacco agriculture all over the road side after Mysoore.

There was rain prediction at Coorg but luckily it didn't rain & we got a wonderful stay at Honey pot homestay which was in the middle of 250 acres of coffee estate. We spent the evening in coorg & had a horrible driving experience to Abbi walls. The road was pathetic and narrow to Abbi water falls. The Raja's seat was worth visiting and is near the town itself. The best part was the dinner at the homestay with some home-made wines we got from local shops in Coorg.

On the way back we visited Nisargadhama too.

                                                                              Honeypot home-stay

Abbi Falls

View from Raja's seat


Sunday, July 29, 2012


Went for the first long trip in my Bullet. Driven till Krishnagiri from Bangalore, about 100km away. I started early morning around 4.30 AM with no plans in mind about the destination. I had the camera and tripod with me but did not stop anywhere to take photos, only because the Bullet riding pleasure didn't allow me to do  so.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Club Cabana

Had been for a team outing from my new company to Club Cabana, Bangalore. Its located near the new Bangalore Airport at Devanahalli. We reached there by 11 am and were there till 9 in the night. They have many indoor & outdoor game facilities but the water sports were the best. Everyone enjoyed getting wet at the water splashes & artificial wave pool. There was a nice restaurant and a bar as well. Not so crowded place, overall its a good option for one day spent.