Sunday, August 17, 2014


Yercaud is a hill station at about 220km away from Bangalore. Since it was a long weekend this time I have decided to drive toYercaud. From Bangalore to Salem we can reach in less than 3Hrs and from there uphill starts. There are 20 clearly marked hair pins to negotiate before we reach Yercaud. The road was very good and traffic was less. We will be at about 5000 feet high from sea level at Yercaud. But the weather wasn't very cool, can't compare it with Ooty or Munnar.

The sky wasn't very clear, as can be seen from the pictures - the colour reproduction didn't come out good. Main attraction is the view of Salem city from the top of the hills.

Hair pin bends towards Yercaud

View from top of the hills in Yercaud

A village as seen from pagoda point and pepper trees all over in Yercaud.

 View of Salem city at night and the same view in the morning

 Riding back to Bangalore 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wayand Bike Trip

Finally at this peek of summer I did my longest bike trip - to Wayand from Bangalore, about 300+ KMs. There was a plan for a trip in car with my friends which got cancelled at the last minute so I thought why not go alone in Bike. This is my second visit, read about the first visit here. Friday around 10.30 I started from Bangalore, took occational stops and reached wayand by 6 in the evening. Stayed at my friend's place and returned on Sunday. The solo drive through Muthanga wildelife sanctuary in Bullet was unforgettable. The roads were excellent - clean and empty with frequent curves which made the bike ride really joyful. Bangalore-Mysoore highway ride was tiring as it was very hot.

Muthanga is known to people from Kerala more for the police firing incident happened in 2003. I took a stop for a cup of tea at Muthanga after crossing the Kerala border and asked the him about the incident. He told me it was the result of a political drama where one party encouraged the Adivasis to occupy reserved forest land and then the government had to forcefully remove them. Anyway that was a real bad chapter in the history of Muthanga.

Not much photos this time, everywhere it was dry and hot. The forest was better though. I was little scared to stop inside the forest, I saw many deers and a bear too. Hera are few photos.
Driving through Muthanga Forest, view from cockpit

Pulpally Forest

Muthanga Forest

Wayand Cricket Stadium