Monday, October 28, 2013

10,000 KMs

My bullet clocked its first 10,000 KM last week. We went for an early morning ride to Nandi hills to celebrate it. I have been to Nandi hills before but that was during the evening time. The early morning trip was completely different, it was very cold and there was lot of mist. I was surprised to see so many people as a group cycling and walking to the hills during that time.

Here are the photos.

  On the way to Nandi Hills

Branches of the same trees which are behind can be seen as faded out, shows the intensity of the mist.

 Mist on top of Nandi Hills


Toine said...

just browsing through the backlog ;-) #3 is great, works well in B&W

AGK said...

Thanks, I have read in a book that using B&W is better unless the colour is adding something to the picture, so just tried that :)